Literally Butter Yourself Up with Kedma Body Butter

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Move your hands along your arms and legs. Do you notice how dry your skin feels as soon as you get to your elbows and knees? Are your cracked heels preventing you from wearing your favorite sandals?

All of that can now stop with Kedma’s Body Butter, which is made with the minerals of the Dead Sea and Shea butter — two powerful ingredients that penetrate and moisturize the skin from within. Kedma Philippines reviews the beauty regimen that Cleopatra herself discovered and used on her own skin and incorporates those elements into their own products. Let’s take a look at the two natural ingredients in their Body Butter and how they heal that dry skin you hate.

Shea Butter

Like peanut butter, Shea butter is made by crushing the nuts that the Shea tree produces. This tree is native to Africa and has been known to have several effective skin benefits that heal and restore the skin to its natural softness.

Apart from healing dry skin, particularly on the legs and arms, it can also relieve skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, burns, and small wounds because of its anti-inflammatory components. It also has anti-aging elements that increase the elasticity of the skin as it matures to reduce wrinkles and blemishes caused by aging.

Dead Sea Minerals

There are minerals found in the Dead Sea that can’t be found in any other body of water in the world. The dry air surrounding this lake is responsible for the higher evaporation rate and high-concentration of salt and its minerals.

It has calcium that strengthens and cleans pores. It also has magnesium that speeds up the metabolism of cells, giving it an anti-allergy effect. It even has potassium that helps maintain the right muscle and nerve function in the body. These are just a few out of the 21 minerals found in the Dead Sea that all have healing benefits.

Put these two powerful elements together and you’ll have a moisturizer that can restore your skin back to its innocence. Just imagine spreading something as smooth as butter on your own skin without the extra greasy, sticky feeling after. Kedma’s Body Butter will definitely leave you revitalized, nourished, and flattered to the beauty that you and your skin deserve.