Here’s How I Avoid Air Pollution from Ruining My Skin

woman on the streetsIf you live in Manila, you know how bad the air pollution is. Smoke belchers are everywhere, and every factory seems to not care about how bad they are polluting the air. Add the people who are always burning their trash, and you’ve got the worst combo.

Being exposed to this type of environment can affect your skin, especially if you go out every day. There are ways to combat this, though, such as properly taking care of your skin.

For me, deep cleansing and religiously following my skincare routine is the answer to these types of problems. I use Origani’s Clear and Calm Toning Cleanser at morning and night to make sure that I remove all of the impurities stuck in my pores.

I have acne-prone and very oily skin, which is why I find this cleanser very effective for me. It has salicylic acid, which is the first thing that I look for in a cleanser. It removes the extra oils deep in skin, which is the main culprit of breakouts.

Pollution has nothing on this, as it deeply goes in your skin and eliminates all of the dirt that your skin has accumulated all throughout the day. Before cleansing my skin with a cleanser, I make sure to take my makeup off with a makeup wipe. This acts as a pre-cleanser and makes cleansing easier.

I also use a toner with salicylic acid to make sure that everything is thoroughly cleansed and eliminated from my pores. You’d also want to use products that have Vitamins A, E, and C, as these strong antioxidants and can help get rid of free radicals found in the air.

Be patient and follow your skincare routine properly to get that clear and smooth skin that you have always dreamt of!