Blogger’s Big Date Deserves Some Contouring – Starting with Black Pearl Cosmetics

Black Pearl Face and Eye Cream Serum

I’m rushing around today like a teenager getting ready for prom night all because of a hunky guy I met while on a travel writing assignment. Over the years, I’ve found one of the greatest perks to being a freelance travel writer are the people I meet. Tonight is the big first date with Mister Rugged and Handsome!! The assignment where we met was all about camping, or to be more accurate, Glamping, which it turned out in this case, meant a comfy bed but no showers or electricity. I’ve spent the past few weeks with my Black Pearl Skincare repairing the damage of that week in the sun, wind, and sand with no skin care other than a washcloth and dribbles of water. I’m counting on my Black Pearl Skin Care products to transform me into Cinderella at the ball tonight, only without the whole midnight pumpkin fiasco.

I’ve been using the Black Pearl Face Mousse Cleanser along with the Black Pearl Royalty Collagen Firming Mask and the Black Pearl Royalty Neck and Décolleté’ Mask. I’m so pleased with the products that I want to tell you about the newest weapon in my repertoire against the advancing years. If you’re anything like me, I realize I may have to grow older, but there’s nothing to say the years can’t be gentle and kind to my skin with a little extra effort.

Black Pearl Firming Collagen Mask

Modern Day Science Confirms Ancient Secrets

I truly feel as if I’ve found the fountain of youth with the unique and luxurious collagen boosting, exfoliating, and vitamin and mineral dense ingredients in every single product. Black Pearl Cosmetics found in Makati, Philippines are formulated to make over even the most neglected skin to translucent and flawless. Ingredients like Dead Sea Minerals with calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, which boost collagen production and exfoliates, hydrates and nourishes the skin naturally.

Seaweed Extracts reduce inflammation and exfoliates gently for sensitive skin and is naturally rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, which are the catalysts that help reduce skin inflammation and promote healing.

The Pearl Powder, Essential Oils, Natural Extracts, Hyaluronic Acid are lavish and easily absorbed into the skin. These are combined into a specifically formulated skin care line designed to work together to help to create a healthy environment for healing of inflammation and faster skin regeneration by exfoliating the old dead skin cells and leaving a new, more supple, firm and radiant complexion.

It all adds up to the perfect combinations this Cinderella needs to be transformed for tonight’s long anticipated date with Mister Rugged and Handsome. Who needs a fairy Godmother when you have the magic of modern day science mixed with secrets gathered from the days of Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Guinevere, Nefertiti, real life Princesses, and Hollywood’s most Dazzling women?

Black Pearl Face and Eye Cream Serum

Is It Possible To Delay Or Even Erase Time’s Effect on Our Skin

The latest treasure I’ve discovered is Black Pearl Royalty Age Control Contouring Face and Eye Cream Serum. Trust me when I say even if you are just beginning your twenties it is never too soon to take care of those extra fragile skin areas around your eyes. If you are like me, with the twenties being a slightly distant memory, it’s not too late to repair damage done, and rejuvenate your skin with Black Pearl Skin Care. Late nights partying with your friends, sun tanning, going to school and late night study sessions, working late hours, or being up with a sick child and working the next day, can all add up to sun damage, tiny wrinkles, dark under eye circles, and bags in any age skin.

Whether you are a single, working woman, version of Cinderella who is still looking for Prince Charming, like me, or you have found your prince and started your own little kingdom, we all want to look our best. In my experience these skin care products are unsurpassed at making me look and feel my most confident self. I have drawers and cabinets filled with drug and department store products I used in the past that at best gave only a fleeting improvement, and at worst were a disappointing waste of money, time and hope. They were nothing like the Black Pearl exclusive skin care, which has yet to disappoint me, and has given me consistently positive, and lasting, results.

Black Pearl Royalty Age Control Contouring Face and Eye Cream Serum is surprisingly affordable and comparable in price to some of the department store serums I’ve tried in the past with disappointing results. I use it twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening before my day or night moisturizer. It goes on like silk and is absorbed readily leaving my skin immediately feeling rejuvenated and silky. It only takes a tiny bit to be effective and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily or looking shiny.

Asian beauty applying cream to face

Results Versus Time and Cost

The Black Pearl Royalty Age Control Contouring Face and Eye Cream Serum is made to help prevent and repair and soften the aging process. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and have seen a definite improvement in the telltale signs of sun damage, neglect, stress, and natural aging that have begun to show on my face. The fine wrinkles, under eye bags and dark circles, large pores from the dead skin clogging them, and the sagging, loose skin of eyelids, pursed skin around the lips, and sun damage dark spots, have softened and become much less noticeable especially around my eyes and mouth and jawline.

I’m delighted with the spa like results of my Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines régime and the bonus is that for about the cost of one visit to an exclusive spa I can treat myself every day to several skin pampering exclusive skin care products. It feels like when I was a little girl and had so much fun playing like a princess with my mom’s lotions, powders, perfumes and potions, imagining my very own Prince coming along and being swept away by my beauty and charm. It’s still fun to imagine today, only now I’m all grown up ready and anticipating the knock on my door that says my dreamy Mister Rugged and Handsome has arrived to carry me off to dance the night away.