3 Good Reasons You Need Kedma’s Body Scrub Right Now

Woman having a body scrub treatment

As you hop in the shower and get yourself ready for the day, it’s almost sure that you have a variety of hair and skincare products lined up. From shampoo and conditioner to shower gel and moisturizing lotion, you probably have them all.

However, as much as you want to care for your face and locks, your body needs as much attention. Of all the products you have, did you ever think about investing in a good body scrub?

For those of you who are not entirely aware of what a body scrub does for your skin, allow me to list down some of the benefits I’m currently enjoying with my Peach & Honey Salt Scrub from Kedma, a skincare leader in the Philippines.

1. Smoothens Skin

One of the benefits I’m currently enjoying with my Peach & Honey Body Scrub is having smoother and silkier skin. For the first few months of use, I noticed that my skin feels firmer and softer.

It brings a certain radiance and nourishment that you can’t achieve with the normal soap and lotion combination. I could say that there’s definitely positive changes on my skin’s overall condition.

2. Reduces Breakout

Woman at a spa

If you’re constantly suffering from body breakout (or body acne), body scrub is a great way to reduce triggering this condition. Breakouts are often the result of a number of factors, such as hormonal changes, bacteria in the skin pores as well as various environmental factors around you.

One good way to provide deep-cleansing, the use of body scrub twice or thrice a week would be enough to lessen the chances of breakouts. Aside from deep-cleansing benefits, the Peach & Honey Salt Scrub has nourishing elements that provide the right amount of moisture to my skin.

3. Evens Out Skin Tone

With constant exposure to the sun, many of us suffer from hyperpigmentation or more commonly known as uneven skin tone. In case you didn’t know, hyperpigmentation is a condition characterized by the darkening of the skin caused by overproduction of melanin.

It appears as uneven patches or dark blotches. With the use of a good body scrub, however, this can be corrected. Exfoliation lightens and even out skin.

Kedma’s Peach & Honey Salt Scrub has proven itself in fighting off hyperpigmentation and leaving a fully moisturized skin. Unlike with other exfoliation solution which can be damaging to the skin, Kedma Cosmetics utilizes a gentle formula that helps with skin’s recovery and repair.

Final Thoughts

As someone who’s been using this product for quite a long time, I could say that it has become a body care necessity for me. In case you’re just starting to look through your options, I definitely recommend this Peach & Honey Salt Scrub.

Although it can be a little more expensive compared with other scrubs you might find in the market right now, it uses a more enriched and nourishing formula you can never find in any other product. So I guess, that’s value for your money.