How Black Pearl Cosmetics Changed My Daily Skin Care Routine

glowing skin

I’m one of those people who usually just stick to what they’re used to. I don’t find a need to look for a new product when I’m totally fine with what I currently have. This had been the case for many years until I came across this thermal mask from Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines by Sea of Spa. I was just strolling around the mall when I was asked to try their Dead Sea salt moisturizer, and I liked how it felt so I gave in.

The Thermal Mask

At first, I wasn’t sure where this new product should go with my existing skin care regimen since I only do cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. But I, later on, learned that this mask works as a cleanser that is designed to clean off dirt and oiliness in the face, and unclog the pores. And so, I decided to ditch my facial wash and use the thermal mask instead.

All about the Natural Glow

Much to my surprise, my skin started feeling smoother and tighter just after a few weeks of using my new beauty product. My face simply looked better and had this natural glow. The mask was very light and gentle on my skin too.

Another plus for this product of Black Pearl Cosmetics, which contains natural minerals from the Dead Sea, was that I didn’t feel any irritation after use, unlike my experiences with other of my previous facial cleansers.

So far, I’m really satisfied with what I see every time I look in the mirror. So one thing is for sure: I’ll continue using this thermal mask and this a part of my daily skin care regimen for a long time.